Become an ECAN member

People participating in a SCCAN workshop. They are sitting around a table and sharing ideas on post-its and a large piece of paper.
A SCCAN community group are standing on a lawn outside their community building and holding hands in a large circle.
A computer screen showing a gallery of people participating in an online Zoom meeting.

Become a member

Do you want to support community-level climate action in Edinburgh? We need you! You can be an individual or any kind of group. You only have to want a just, thriving and resilient future for our city.

Whether you are an individual, a community-led group or a different kind of organisation, you are welcome to become an ECAN member. You only have to be interested in community-led action on climate change in Edinburgh.

To make sure the network is fully community-owned, but also provides as many useful connections as possible, we are looking for two kinds of ECAN member:

Community members: these are individuals or community groups based in Edinburgh, who want to contribute to a just, thriving and resilient city.

Supporter members: these are groups or organisations that are not community groups as defined above, but want to support communities in Edinburgh, to create a just, thriving and resilient Edinburgh.

Community and supporter members will all benefit from:

  • being included on the ECAN online directory
  • being included on the ECAN map of climate action in Edinburgh
  • access to ECAN resources and events

Community members will also take the lead in decision-making about the Network and in designing Edinburgh’s Community Climate Hub. For more details, and key definitions, see the ECAN Founding Agreement (below).

A group of community gardeners showing the vegetables they have grown including courgettes and beetroots and surrounded by their urban garden.