Edinburgh City Cycleways Innertube

In 2018, ELGT published the Innertube Map, a pocket-sized guide to off-street cycle paths in Edinburgh. Now, they’ve released the new innertube-map-little-france, featuring improved active travel routes.

Edinburgh Open Green Map

Discover Green Living Sites, Nature, and Social and Cultural Resources all on the Edinburgh Green Map! You can explore and contribute to this interactive platform created by local Green Mapmakers. Help make your community greener and healthier by engaging with these valuable places and sharing your insights, ratings, and images.


The secret to Talking about Climate Change

Talking about climate change can be hard. This explainer video that gives you tips and tricks on how to have effective climate conversations with family and friends.

Projects that change things for the better

Shifting Normal uses the Individual, Social and Material model of understanding how behaviour change happens to help guide the design of more successful community projects. It used case studies from SCCAN members.

Community Climate Adaptation Routemap

In March 2023 Adaptation Scotland and partners launched the Community Climate Adaptation Routemap, a practical guide for communities to adapt to climate change.

Access support from your local Authority

There are many benefits for community groups to work closely with their Local Authority. Have a look at this very helpful guide to establishing successful partnership working and the ‘top tips‘ summary.

How to write an impactful message

As people who communicate progressive ideas, we have to think about how we present the facts, the powerful stories & the policies we advocate if we want to persuade people effectively.

Start a Climate Café

A Climate Café is an open, inclusive space for people to get together to talk and act on climate change. They are informal, everyone is welcome to join the conversation and get involved.

Start Transition in your Community

The Essential Guide to Doing Transition. It is an invaluable guide for any community group that is just getting going and wants to re-imagine and rebuild our world from the bottom up.

Workshop materials

Facilitate a Climate Adaption Workshop

Are we Ready? is a resource developed by SCCAN in conjunction with
Adaptation Scotland. All the resources you need to run a short workshop to get any group in your community starting to talk about climate change and how we can become more resilient.

Facilitate a Climate Justice Workshop

Developed in conjunction with SCCAN by Surefoot Effect and the Comparative Media Studies department, the Climate Justice workshop is a 2 hours session to open up conversations on the connection between colonialism and climate change.

Active Hope Foundations Training

A free video-based online course designed to nourish and strengthen your capacity to act for positive change in the world.

Would you like to become more engaged, encouraged, enlivened and empowered when facing concerns about the world?

Host a Workshop in your community!

Host a Climate Reality Leader presentation

A Climate Reality Leaders can show you how to take action. At a Climate Reality Leader presentation, you’ll learn about the local and global effects, as well as what you and your group can do to help create a better future for the planet.

Host a Climate for Change Conversation

Having lots of quality conversations about climate change is one of the most effective things we can do to stop it. Climate Conversations are facilitated discussions which aim to bring about effective action on climate change through the power of common people in Scotland.