Carbon Literacy Training

We hosted Scottish Communities Climate Action Network’s accredited Carbon Literacy Training, ‘Climate: Knowledge into Action’ Edinburgh and Lothians Regional Equality Council (ELREC). The 10 participants learnt about:

-the science of climate change.

-how the wider community and local area will be impacted by climate change.

-the significant changes we will all need to adapt to as Scotland moves to a low carbon future.

-practical actions you can take to reduce emissions and future-proof your organisation.

If you are interested in hosting a Carbon Literacy Training for your organisation, please email

Please read some feedback below:

“The course was excellent. It covered a lot of ground, but it did not feel overwhelming. I hope it can be run again in the weeks and months ahead, and similar courses are also put on. In short, it was brilliant. Thank you!”

“Both the sessions were very informative, the data and figures were an eye opener. Overall I enjoyed. I will implement them in my workplace.”

“Really enjoyed it– it was informative, comprehensive and engaging. I would love extra discussion time in the future if time would permit it, as it was very interesting to hear everyone’s differing experiences with carbon and the climate crisis.”

“Good graphics and videos made it really engaging. I would like to see some more current and updated information, or some maps more relevant to Edinburgh. Super interesting overall!”

“A really insightful course! I often find talking about the current climate situation quite depressing so it’s really nice to be learning with a much more optimistic outlook and having named actionable steps I can take personally. And it was really good to have it Scotland specific. I think it may be useful to have the sessions be slightly shorter, perhaps spread over three days instead of two, but it was definitely doable with the short breaks in between. Perhaps an evening session would allow more people to attend around work commitments, etc., but overall really great! Thank you!” 

“The training provided a wealth of information, greatly enhancing my understanding of the narrative surrounding climate change, its scientific aspects, and I particularly found the sessions on mitigation, adaptation, and communicating climate change to be enjoyable. I believe there should be a greater emphasis on positive communication about climate change, and this course effectively brought forth an optimistic and inspiring perspective.”