ECCAN workshop: Creating Safe migration pathways between arts & climate, 1 Feb 2024

Grassroots community organisations need artists and artists need to engage with climate action. But passing between the two worlds can be challenging. 

In this practical workshop with ECCAN and Hazel Darwin-Clements as part of Creative Carbon Scotland’s SPRINGBOARD: Assembly for creative climate action on 1st February 2024, we will collectively, creatively reimagine the pathways that connect us. What would those thriving partnerships look like? Can we find a way to pedal in tandem? We hope this workshop leads to increased, practical opportunities that inspire and support artists and climate groups to collaborate meaningfully in Edinburgh. If you’re coming from a climate action background, or an arts background, or both, we’d love you to come along and share your ideas.

If this idea sparks your interest, and you’d be up for a conversation or email exchange in advance of the workshop to share your ideas, we’d love to hear from you. Email