ECCAN’s all-hands meeting – February 2024

Edinburgh, Bridgend Farmhouse Cafe, 27 February 2024 – The Bridgend Farmhouse Cafe played host to ECCAN’s all-hands meeting, where trustees, finance and governance task groups, SCCAN, and volunteers gathered to fortify the organisation’s commitment to climate action. The meeting, led by Carole Kelly, ECCAN’s convener, focused on fostering collaboration, unity, and team spirit among the diverse groups within ECCAN.

Carole Kelly kicked off the meeting by underscoring the imperative of involving and empowering local communities in the fight against climate change. The central theme revolved around providing funding for climate projects in Edinburgh and championing the importance of climate adaptation initiatives.

Following the opening address, the governance and finance task groups, alongside volunteers, presented their respective updates.

The governance task group delved into their role in setting up ECCAN’s legal structure, and their contributions to the mission statement. A key point of discussion revolved around creating a dedicated platform for volunteers, emphasising the need for a cohesive structure.

The finance task group provided a comprehensive review of seed grant funding allocation for this financial year. The group discussed strategies to support climate action projects beyond educational programmes and delved into the transparency and accountability report for funded projects.

The conversation then shifted towards ECCAN membership. Delving into the membership process, benefits, and potential challenges, participants raised crucial questions. Would ECCAN provide funding to previous recipients? Should there be an income cap for funding eligibility? Would voting be exclusive to ECCAN members or open to the public? How would active voting be implemented?

As the dialogue progressed, considerations arose about whom to include or exclude from membership and the public benefits ECCAN could provide. These questions framed a thoughtful discussion about the organisation’s future and its impact on the broader community.

Wrapping up the meeting on a positive note, Jasmine, an ECCAN placement volunteer, shared her experience. Describing the environment as “appreciative” with a “collective goal” of “doing good for the community,” Jasmine highlighted the inclusive and positive atmosphere within ECCAN.

ECCAN’s commitment to community engagement and climate action remains unwavering. The finance task group showcased progress on funding allocation, and discussions about becoming an ECCAN member shed light on the organisation’s dedication to transparency, accountability, and inclusive decision-making.

The path ahead is clear for ECCAN – to empower communities, drive climate initiatives, and foster a sustainable future. As we continue our journey, ECCAN invites the community to join hands in this collective endeavour for a greener and more resilient Edinburgh.

Stay tuned for more updates as ECCAN takes bold steps towards a sustainable future.