Sharing libraries and Repair Cafés

Discover the Share and Repair Network—an initiative dedicated to reducing your ecological footprint by promoting the sharing and repairing of items rather than purchasing new ones.

Operated by local charities and social enterprises, Repair Projects enlist volunteers who assist customers in fixing their items, while also teaching them how to. This not only prevents items from being discarded but also fosters a circular economy, all while saving you money!

Moreover, Sharing Libraries offer a convenient solution for borrowing items as needed, helping to declutter spaces, cut costs, and contribute to environmental preservation.

Explore to connect with Share and Repair Network Members located throughout Scotland!

For any inquiries regarding share or repair, don’t hesitate to reach out to Jane at

Membership to the network is free and open to all individuals currently operating or aspiring to launch a share or repair project. Join them in the collective mission to create a more sustainable way of life all while connecting with your local community.