Climate 4 Change Facilitator Training, 8 June

CHANGE is our hands

POWER is in our Communities

HOPE is in our everyday actions

Are you wondering how to bring more discussion about climate change and possible solutions into your community?
Join the Climate 4 Change volunteer facilitator team!  Let’s get more people talking about climate change in Edinburgh.

When? Saturday 8 June 9.30am-4.30pm

Where? ELREC, 14 Forth Street, EH1 3LH

SCCAN are teaming up with the ECCAN hub to train facilitators to run Climate Conversations in people’s homes and community centres. These Conversations are part presentation, part facilitated discussion. The facilitator’s role is to help guests understand: 

  • what climate change means for them and the things they care about most 
  • what needs to be done to reduce the worst impacts of climate change and how quickly 
  • what they can do that is most powerful and effective, then inspire them to take action.

During the training, you will learn about what makes a meaningful conversation and how to effectively talk about the problems and solutions with different audiences. We’ll introduce our theory of how we think change happens, and the reasons behind our Climate Conversation model/structure. You’ll also learn some key facilitation tools and conversation starter tips to use in your conversations about climate change everywhere.

Any questions? Contact Kirsty at