🧑‍💻 Webinar: Scotland’s Climate Targets Scandal📅 Thursday 23rd May  6-7pm- by Friends of the Earth Scotland

A few weeks ago, the Scottish Government announced its plan to scrap their 2030 climate commitments. These targets were based on what Scotland needs to do as part of global efforts to urgently reduce climate pollution.  

We kicked up a huge fuss in the media at the time calling it ‘the worst environmental decision in the history of the Scottish Parliament.’     

The scandal of dropping the climate targets was so big that it led to the end of the Bute House Agreement between the SNP and Greens and the resignation of the First Minister Humza Yousaf.

We are hosting a webinar to talk about how this happened, why these targets are so important and to discuss what happens next.

ohn Swinney is now the First Minister and there are big changes in the responsibilities of Scottish Government ministers.  

Join our campaigners for short talks followed by a chance to reflect with other people concerned about the future of our climate.  The webinar will explore:Why are Scotland’s climate targets important?
What can we expect from a John Swinney government?
How can we deliver climate action in this new context, stopping fossil fuels and winning warm homes, better public transport and green jobs?
I hope you can join this webinar and support our continuing work for climate action that will improve lives while fighting environmental destruction.

Thanks for your support

Connal Hughes
Communications Manager
Friends of the Earth Scotland

P.S. You can also email your MSP to demand they work to save the 2030 climate targets