A new era in climate change work in Edinburgh 

Edinburgh Communities Climate Action Network (ECCAN) are delighted to confirm provision of Scottish Government funding for a new Climate Hub in Edinburgh. 

ECCAN confirm that funding has been secured from the Scottish Government to deliver a network of climate groups and organisations in Edinburgh. The Climate Hub’s mission is to encourage transformational change across all of Edinburgh’s communities and support them to be climate ready in a just transition to net zero. 

Cabinet Secretary for Net Zero and Energy, Màiri McAllan said:  

  “Climate action should be locally appropriate and locally driven. Our communities are uniquely placed to shape and drive forward the transition to low carbon and climate resilient living and we want to empower people to take the action in their own communities that’s right for them.  

  “That is why we are proud to continue to support our hugely successful framework of regional climate hubs, including the Edinburgh Communities Climate Action Network which will provide a vehicle for communities to come together and engage in collective grass-roots action.“ 

In Edinburgh, the Climate Hub’s focus will be on a network of groups working in climate action to deliver substantive change on the ground around climate resilience. Enhanced collaboration and co-ordination of the groups and communities will help drive capacity in the city to deliver that change. ECCAN’s Network Lead Mark Dowey said: 

“We are looking forward to making a real difference in Edinburgh. There is so much terrific work ongoing in the city that will benefit from strong collaborative links and learnings. Our £100k Seedfunding grants will go live in the summer to ensure that groups have access to multiple pots of varying sizes to continue the great work in their communities. ” 

“ECCAN is here to support groups acting on climate change impacts to work together. We would also love to hear from groups that might not have a climate focus but wish to get involved. This might include sports clubs, faith groups and anyone else that sees a pressing need to adapt to climate change at a local level.” 

ECCAN’s membership is free and open to community groups, voluntary organisations and social enterprises. You can become a member of the network at www.eccan.scot.