Climate Ready Edinburgh Plan – Help us tackle flooding and overheating in the city

Edinburgh’s climate is changing as a result of climate change. Our new climate adaptation plan, Climate Ready Edinburgh, focuses on what the local impacts of this mean for the city, and how we will respond to them. 

Recent storms have brought severe flooding and travel disruption to Edinburgh. This trend in variable and extreme weather is projected to continue leading to a greater risk of flooding. With hotter temperatures, heatwaves and droughts will become more common.

The draft Climate Ready Edinburgh Plan aims to adapt the city to these climate impacts in ways that benefit all as well as protecting and enhancing our nature and wildlife. We will be doing this in parallel with work to reduce our climate emissions and achieve the ambitious target of being net zero by 2030. 

Help us tackle flooding and overheating in the city.  A 12 week consultation on Edinburgh’s new climate change adaptation plan is currently underway. Read the draft Climate Ready Edinburgh Plan and give your views online by 7 April 2024.

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