SEDA Health and Wellbeing Green Drinks


Sunday 12th May 2024

Astley Ainslie Hospital North Gate & the Columcille Centre

SEDA Health and Wellbeing are delighted to invite you to the ‘Nature Recovery’ Tree walk in the 100 years old Astley Ainslie hospital grounds followed by talks focused on health and wellbeing in greenspaces.

Access to quality green spaces and wildlife rich environments can support health and wellbeing of individuals and communities, prevent social isolation and illness. People thrive in nature and reciprocal relationship between human health and nature protection is one that is not sufficiently acknowledged but crucial:  the importance of a collaborative not a competing approach. 

Our speakers will share their experiences on how living in nature can enhance lives, improving health and wellbeing of people and the planet.

  • Nature walks in Astley Ainslie hospital grounds with forester Willie McGhee, ecologist Prof Jonathan Silvertown and Green Health Programme Manager for NHS Lothian Ian Mackenzie including opportunity for befriending a tree.
  • Wellbeing talks and Green Drinks, in the Columcille Centre.


Nature walk

Time: 2.30-4pm

Location: Astley Ainslie Hospital North Gate, pedestrian access, Newbattle Terrace, across from Whitehouse Loan.

Wellbeing talks and Green Drinks

Time: 4.30-7pm

Location: Columcille Centre